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Day 356

Senate Shreds Mayorkas Impeachment Bid, Mike Johnson's CNN Charade + Latest Palestinian Protest

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What our listeners are saying

Albert Sandoval

Thanks for the birthday shoutout! I heard it on the way to see my dad in the hospital! Made my morning! A big tortilla morning!!!

December 6. 2022
Cynthia Buttles

Wishing My Black Gammon Guys a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, We Love you guys and I have you on over here at Oak Hills Village Apartments.

November 24, 2022
Gerry Olert

You Vatos have got a GREAT SHOW!
It's almost like I'm listening to Comedy Central for a few hours. So You need to download their app now!

October 5th, 2022
Lindsay Diaz

You guys make me LOL, especially the Enchilada! Love having the replays as work can sometimes interrupt you. I listen so much...

June 26, 2022
Steve Trevino

She gets off the phone and is totally happy. Seems you guys called her at random to discuss free coffee morning. You guys made her day.

April 23, 2022
Gabriel Arguello

From Arguello Insurance, no matter how big of an ASS you have, no matter who's ASS you hit, we will cover your ASS from front to back!

September 26, 2022